Apex Lab

At Apex Dermatology, we transform lives through healthy skin! Our goal is to offer quick access to the best dermatology care available. We do that by offering same-day appointments and short wait times, and now with our very own laboratory, we’re cutting the time it takes to get your biopsy results!

Located within our Parma, OH facility, our lab experts collect specimens from all Apex locations to efficiently manage biopsies so that patients can quickly get results and move forward with their dermatology care plan.

Our Lab Team

About Jennifer Following in the footsteps of her grandmother and mother, Jen began her path as a laboratory professional at a very early age. Waiting for her mother to finish work, Jen began helping around…

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Lab Billing

How it works:

  • The specimen is taken by your provider at one of our Apex locations, and then sent to our Apex lab for processing. There your specimen is prepared and interpreted by our dermatapatholgist.
  • Your billing statement from Apex Dermatology will include charges from your office visit, procedures completed, and lab.
  • Some insurance policies require your biopsy to be sent to a specific lab. If this is the case, we will send your biopsy to the contracted lab and you will receive a bill from them.
  • Questions? Call us at 833. 279.SKIN (7546). Option 3 for Billing.