We not only have an experienced medical team of dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and licensed aestheticians, but
also fully-integrated management. Many independent dermatologists are seeking alternative models due to the regulatory
landscape and nationwide consolidation in dermatology. We will add value to your current group by providing:

  • Continuing your legacy of exceptional care – By aligning with Apex, we ensure that your patients continue to be
    seen in the same way you practice. We add value to your current services by integrating new treatment modalities and
    provide a strong management structure to help you focus on practicing medicine instead of paperwork.
  • Freedom to practice medicine – A relationship with Apex enables you to delegate administrative tasks necessary to
    running an efficient practice. We provide aggressive marketing campaigns to promote your practice. Integrating EMR
    with centralized billing/collection services alleviates the burden of the revenue cycle and government regulations.
  • Improved payer contracting – Eliminate the risk of being dropped from insurance companies.
  • Aligning with Apex provides scalability – Expand your territory for increased patient opportunities.
  • Lucrative exit strategy – Guaranteed employment until you are ready to retire.


Apex supports dermatologists that share our high standards of patient care to pursue their own practice and see patients on their own time.

Explore how an affiliation with Apex adds value to your current practice. We are happy to arrange a discovery meeting to provide additional background information and details about our practice operations. When you partner with us, we provide a competitive market-price transaction, with a significant cash payment upfront. Our commitment to transparency and a streamlined process means that due diligence can be conducted expeditiously and without disrupting your practice. Together, we can align around the common goal of putting patients first.

Join our growing team and expand your practice.

Apex physician team members benefit from:

  • Compensation Plans. Rewarding you for your direct productivity and that of your nonphysician
  • Dedicated Support Team. Experienced medical assistants and scribes allow you to
    focus on patient experience.
  • Higher Reimbursement Potential. Apex negotiates directly with certain payers to assure
    the highest reimbursement. This means you collect more per patient while performing the
    same amount of work.
  • Mentorship and Professional Development. Participate in Apex Leadership
  • Peer Support. Share best clinical practices with the Apex network of providers and
  • Continuous Marketing Campaigns. Drive awareness to recruit new patients.
  • Cutting-edge Technology & IT Support


Physicians who partner with Apex:

  • Continue to practice without the stress of office management.
  • Focus on high-quality patient care.
  • Maintain autonomy.
  • Enjoy flexible, customized scheduling.
  • Take advantage of continuing education opportunities for personal growth and professional


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