SPOTcheck Program

One of the best ways to ensure survival with skin cancer is early detection. Unfortunately, you can’t see the entire surface of our skin ourselves…and what are you even supposed to look for if you can see certain areas?

Our SPOTcheck program is designed to help you be seen as soon as possible to ensure early detection with regular skin check. We guarantee an appointment within 24-hours to any patient with suspicious lesions.

Call (833) 279-SKIN to schedule a 5-minute SPOTcheck appointment.

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Why do skin checks matter?

  • Early detection is key for recovery
  • You/your partner may not know what to look for
  • You can’t see all areas of your skin
  • Many skin cancers are curable
  • Skin cancer can appear and grow quickly
  • Skin cancers rarely come with other symptoms
  • Any skin type is at risk
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5 Steps for a 5-Minute Spot Check

First, call (833) 279-SKIN to schedule your 5-minute spot check. We guarantee you to be seen within 24 hours for suspicious lesions.

Arrive at your scheduled time and check in with our offices.

One of our doctors will begin a skin check, viewing all visible skin, particularly areas with a higher likelihood of cancerous growth, though it will all be checked in a quick, 5 minutes.

Should any suspicious lesions be spotted, our professionals will follow procedures necessary to further examine or excise a sample.

You’ll then be sent home with peace of mind, knowing that your skin was examined for any suspicious growths that could lead to further, dangerous cancers.

Top 10 Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

  1. Age
  2. Fair skin
  3. Personal history of skin cancer
  4. Family history of skin cancer
  5. Immunosuppression
  6. Indoor tanning
  7. Atypical moles
  8. Previous sunburns