Concord’s Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga using new MelaFind to diagnose melanoma – News Herald Article

Dermalogist Jorge Garica-Zuazaga uses his newly acquired MelFind to give a three-dimensional examination to moles on the arm of his office manager, Christy Vaughn. It’s a device with a 98 percent accuracy in diagnosing melanoma, and he says he has the only one in Ohio at his Concord Township practice.  Read More: News Herald Article, 10/2/12

Play it safe with yearly skin-cancer screenings (with video) – News Herald

Janet Podolak/ Dermatologist Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga says an annual skin examination by a doctor is vitally important, especially for those who engage in tanning. “Tanning and family history are the greatest risk factors for skin cancer,” said Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga, the dermatologist I chose for my skin cancer check. “Melanoma is the most-common form of cancer…