Renell H.

What I had originally thought to be a wart on my forearm turned out to be a Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Yes, I am fair skinned, yes I am a senior but have not been in the sun in 35 years! I have been an annual patient of Mary Hylton in Hudson and she did this diagnosis after an scrape. She is very efficient and skilled and referred me to Dr Garcia as I was in no mood to wait. Met him at the Landerbook (Mayfield Heights) office. Really high standards at all Apex offices. Easy check in, and efficient, they had me right there in the computer. Dr Garcia, very knowledgeable, most gentle and super fast with the removal and subsequent use of the MOHS method of removal. I was in and out in one hour with a huge relief that he “got it all” no more cancer in the first pass. His nurse was also a great asset with post op information and upbeat persona.  I highly recommend APEX. Don’t wait and try and self treat.

Renell H. Verified Patient Mary Hylton (Hudson) and Dr. Garcia, surgeon (Mayfield Heights) October 15, 2019