I am in my forties and recently took advantage of an offer to receive a FREE Skin Cancer screening with Apex at their Medina location. The staff was nice and very professional. The exam itself went fairly quick and was painless, but to my dismay and surprise the woman who was looking me over did find two areas/spots of concern. I had to make a 2nd appointment to go back to Apex to have one of the dermatologists look at these spots and decide whether further action was needed. During that appointment I met with Dr. Karpinski and she validated that these two spots should at least be looked at further. I\’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous, but she was super nice and also straight forward, which I appreciated. She took two biopsies and told me they would have the results and then call me within 14 days or sooner. The two shots to numb the two areas did sting briefly, but I literally didn\’t feel any pain when she took the skin tissue for biopsy. They called me 6 days later with the results! Now I don\’t go go back for another six months, then probably down to one screening per year. To anyone reading this, I recommend you schedule a skin cancer screening/examination and I highly recommend Apex Skin!! The get 5 out of 5 stars in my book. Thank you Dr. Karpinski and staff!

JB Verified Patient Apex Dermatology Medina May 14, 2019