James Y.

We recently changed healthcare providers and after a few calls I found Dr Brian Moore and Apex dermatology within our network. It’s been quite a few years since my last full body cancer screening, but my previous dermatologist would make me wait about three months to get an appointment. So, with that in mind and being a new patient, I was concerned that I might have to wait months to get an exam. Instead, when I called Apex to set up my initial appointment, I was impressed with how quickly the scheduling staff found an appointment for me.

When I arrived, I sat in the waiting room just a few moments before I was called into the exam room. The nurse who initiated the exam began a rudimentary interview and was genuinely interested in my concerns while respecting my privacy.

When the doctor began the exam, I was most impressed when after spotting a few small moles and other age-related issues, he didn’t push me off to another appointment. Instead, he numbed up a few spots of concern (then checked on another patient) and came back and removed the suspect skin and sent it to a lab for testing. I was very impressed with how Dr Moore and his staff treated me as their new patient.

Before I departed, I set up a follow up exam with Kelli, at the front desk and while doing so, I told her just how happy I was to be changing dermatologist.

The doctor sent over a prescription to my local drug store which I picked up a few days later, but I had forgotten exactly what the doctor had said about how to use the product so late one evening I wrote an email requesting some clarity during the next business day. To my surprise, I received a response from Kelli within minutes. The next day she went a step further and called me to convey the doctors’ instructions. Trust me when I say, Dr Moore, Kelli and the whole staff at Apex are a rare find in today’s “bigger is better” medical world.

James Y. Verified Patient Dr. Moore October 31, 2021