New Scar Institute

Our Scar Institute is the only center in the region dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients with scars.

For many, disfiguring scars represent an unpleasant reminder of a past accident, surgery, illness, or skin disorder. While some attempt to hide their scars with makeup, others simply live with the constant aggravation and vivid reminder, every time they look in the mirror.

In the past, treatment options have been limited. With today’s technology there are many options to treat scars. Don’t live with scars any longer, let our dedicated physician-led team help you heal the scars and get back to your life with a positive outlook.

Laser Scar Treatments

CO2RE Laser
An aggressive and advanced laser treatment for scars. This procedure is ideal for patients with deep pitted acne scars, a large burn, trauma or surgical scars. This is a single laser treatment session with usually 5-7 days of downtime after resurfacing.

Fraxel Laser
This non-abrasive resurfacing laser is a great treatment for patients with pigmentation alteration and rolling acne scars after years of acne. Multiple treatments are always needed to obtain the desired results. Usually, treatment sessions are spaced every 4-6 weeks.

VBeam Laser
The VBeam laser can give a dramatic improvement in the appearance of redness and blood vessels in only a few treatments. It is best for patients with red marks left from acne, surgical scars (C-section scars), or stretch marks.

Scar Services

This in-office treatment uses diamond exfoliating to remove the superficial layers of the skin in order to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Best for acne scars and for patients with red or brown marks left from scars.

Chemical Peels
During a chemical peel treatment, a peeling agent such as glycolic acid is applied to the skin for a brief amount of time to remove the top layer of the skin. Peels help with pigment from old scars and overall rejuvenation of the skin. Best for patients with breakouts, acne marks/scars.

By using tiny needles which reach down into the scar, the depressed areas which are tethered are broken up and the body begins the healing process by forming new collagen and healing the scar from the bottom up. This modality is very effective for rolling and boxcar type acne scars.

Scar Revision Surgery (Keloid Removal/Earlobe Repair)
There are some types of scars that may require surgical revision in order to obtain the best outcome, especially in areas under tension. Tension on a wound can inhibit scar healing and therefore surgical procedures to relieve tension can be very helpful.

Photodynamic Therapy with BLUE Light
PDT results in (1) directing killing of the bacteria that causes inflammation and (2) modification of oil glands that harbor the acne-causing bacteria with results in long lasting remission of breakouts and (3) reduction of the residual redness from old acne scars. Best for patients with cystic and hormonal acne. This 30 minute procedure has no downtime. Best for treating redness and patients with all types of acne scars.

Skin rejuvenation that is safe for all skin types, including dark skin, and is effective for fighting the signs of aging, as well as for acne scars, superficial skin lesions, brown spots and certain types of stretch marks.

Other Scar Services Available Include:

  • Sculptra Collagen Stimulation
  • Vitiligo Treatment