I was very apprehensive about my Mohs surgery appointment today. Even though I had read the various information provided by Dr Garcia’s office and knew exactly what he was going to do, I still did not know what to expect in regards to the size of my incision or pain level that may occur. When you are the one having the procedure, it can be quite overwhelming and scary to have your face cut. I am so very thankful I chose Dr Garcia & Apex Dermatology for the removal of my basal cell carcinoma. The entire staff is friendly, professional and courteous. Dr Garcia’s resume speak for itself but his demeanor says more. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in his abilities and recommendations. Thank you Dr Garcia, Ashley and staff for being kind and giving me compassionate care. I am extremely happy with my MOHs procedure, the outcome of my surgery and highly recommend Apex Dermatology. And thank you Dr Garcia for your service to our country.